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We help give funding to those who need it most.

For over 30 years, the Recreation Foundation of BC has been committed to investing in the future of recreation, parks, environmentalism, and culture by empowering students and non-profit organizations with scholarships and grants.

The Foundation was originally established in the 1980s with the purpose of receiving, investing, and administering donations to fund the activities of the BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA). In 2007, the Foundation changed its name from the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Foundation to The Recreation Foundation of British Columbia. Here, we developed a new and broader purpose with the encouragement of the BCRPA. This allowed us to raise funds for the Association alongside other non-profit organizations involved in the delivery of services in the broad field of parks, recreation, and culture.

about RFBC

the purpose & legacy of our foundation.

The purpose of the Foundation is to advance parks, recreation, culture, health, and the environment in British Columbia by gathering charitable donations. These donations are used towards the funding of activities of not-for-profit volunteer and educational organizations in British Columbia through grants and scholarships. When you choose to support the RFBC, you are choosing to support a lasting legacy of recreation, environmentalism, and general health for your community.

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Over $130,000 generated for BCRPA initiatives.

Foundation volunteers have participated in several activities over the years, generating over $130,000 for BCRPA initiatives. With more than 40 years of funding, experience, and knowledge, we are committed to continuing our growth and raising awareness for recreation, parks, environmentalism, culture, and other crucial areas that deserve attention and funding. 

The RFBC raises awareness and funding for recreation and other important areas through programs such as annual golf tournaments, live and silent auctions, and networking opportunities for parks and recreation administrators. In 1999, the Foundation established an endowment fund that now exceeds over $500,000 and is intended to further support the BCRPA.

You may support the Foundation by donating through the United Way, The Vancouver Foundation, or by contacting the RFBC directly. We appreciate your support!


The Foundation is able to run smoothly thanks to the tireless efforts of our administrative team.

Tom Watson


In the 30+ years since its establishment, the Board of Directors for the RFBC has included several highly respected volunteers and practitioners. It is the tireless energy and enthusiasm of the current and past board members that has allowed the Foundation to develop and successfully implement its fundraising programs and initiatives.

Though the Foundation’s leadership has recently changed, it still includes professionals with extensive experience in the field of parks, recreation, and culture. 

The current RFBC Board of Directors includes:

Gerry De Cicco,

Laurie Cavan,

Danielle Pope,

Danielle Lacroix, Director

Dan Nielsen,

Tom Osborne,

Stacy Rennie,

Lori Bowie,


Stephen Slawuta, Director


Craig Nagai,


Our subcommittees are comprised of the following talented and hard-working volunteers:

Finance  – Tom Osborne

Grants – Danielle Pope, Gerry De Cicco & Tom Osborne

Marketing and Communications – Danielle Pope & Steve Slawuta

Parks, Recreation and Culture Leadership Summit – Dan Nielson, Lori Bowie, Jennifer Keefe & Mandy Hadfield

RecreOpen – Craig Nagai & Gerry De Cicco

Scholarships – Danielle Pope, Dan Nielson & Craig Nagai

Sponsorship and Partnership – Laurie Cavan, Gerry De Cicco, Steve Slawuta & Craig Nagai

Virtual Administrators Workshop – Steve Slawuta

Previous Board Members (Alphabetical Order)

The RFBC is grateful for the participation and involvement of these individuals.

Our Amazing Volunteers.

In addition to the time and commitment of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, we have enjoyed the support of many individuals who donate their time through volunteer efforts.  These individuals provide assistance to the RFBC through our fundraising activities. These activities include the RecreOPEN Golf Tournament, our Parks and Recreation Senior Administrators Workshop, the Friends of the Foundation, and numerous other events.


Virtual Harrison 2022

Brian Johnston
Heather Turner
Lori Bowie

RecreOpen 2023

Al Bushby
Allyison McDongall
Allyson Friesen                                                              Barb Kurucz
Barry Elliot
Bob Vaughn
Donna Reeddy
Francis Chu                                                            Frank Vassallo                                                        Kelvin Cheung                                                            Marc Kurucz
Martin Wright
Rachel Rae                                                          Vaughn Williams

Associations, Corporations, and Municipalities that provide or have provided support to the foundation (alphabetical order)