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About The Foundation

The Recreation Foundation of BC is a registered charity (No. 89232 0441 RR0001). The purpose of the Foundation is to advance parks, recreation, culture, health, and the environment in British Columbia through charitable donations. These donations are used towards the funding of activities of not-for-profit volunteer and educational organizations in British Columbia which implement programs and services consistent with this purpose.


The Foundation’s primary focus is to provide long-term funding to support parks, recreation, and cultural movements to improve people’s quality of life. The RFBC achieves this through its Grant Program and projects initiated by not-for-profit groups in the broad areas of recreation, sports, parks, culture, environment, and education.

Why give to us?

If you are health and environment-conscious and want to invest in the future of your community, the RFBC is the ideal vehicle for your charitable donations. We are a foundation that strives to educate individuals on the importance of recreation, health, public amenities, and environmentalism. We do not just ask for your money; we educate you on what your money goes toward and why it is a worthy cause to support. We strive to help you see that your donations are not just a write-off. You are giving back to your community and investing in its growth with every donation.  

In addition to educating our donors, we work with many individuals with unique perspectives and knowledge through our educational workshops, helping us achieve a deeper understanding of pressing issues and potential solutions while building future recreation leaders.

Donations made to the RFBC are highly flexible. You can contribute to the Foundation and let us determine where to allocate your funds, or you can designate the specific area or cause you would like to allocate your donation to.

Donation Opportunities

The RFBC currently offers the following ways for you to become involved through donations.

The United Way—The RFBC is a designated charity and receives donor-directed gifts through the United Way. Your consideration of the Foundation when pledging donations during the annual United Way campaign is sincerely appreciated.

Direct Donations to the RFBC—A gift of cash is a straightforward way to support the Foundation. Gifts of this type include personal cheques, money orders, or credit card payments, each of which can be sent directly to the Foundation. We sincerely appreciate your support!

Charitable Bequests — The bequest program is designed to accommodate a donor’s wishes today without relinquishing needed assets during his or her lifetime. Through this program, an individual can designate a donation to be made to the RFBC in their will.

Donors should determine the best method of payment in consultation with their legal or tax counsel.

Attend an event, Harrison or RecreOpen…. Donate a prize or silent auction item

How to Donate

If you are interested in supporting a lasting legacy and would like to contribute to the RFBC, you can do so through a one-time or multi-year gift, both of which can be made directly to the Foundation at any time during the year or through a United Way donation.

The Foundation makes it easy to manage your philanthropy and make a difference in the ways that matter to you the most. Our professional staff will work with you to identify one or more areas of potential giving to ensure that your donation represents your values and wishes.

Donating is easy. If you would like to donate online, please click on the “Donate Now” button below.

For additional information, please contact the Foundation at:

We Sincerely Appreciate Your Support.

The RFBC would like to express our sincere gratitude for the support and generosity of its donors in achieving our purpose. Donors receive a charitable receipt once the donation has been processed for tax purposes.