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Investing in the future of parks, recreation and culture

About The Foundation

The Recreation Foundation of British Columbia is a registered charity (No. 89232 0441 RR0001), the purpose of which is to advance parks, recreation, the arts and culture, health, and the environment in BC; and to fund the activities of not-for-profit organizations in the province which implement programs consistent with the Foundation’s purpose.

The Foundation’s primary focus is to provide long term funding in support of the parks, recreation and culture movement’s efforts to improve people’s quality of life. The Foundation achieves this through its Grant Program and projects initiated by not-for-profit groups in the broad areas of recreation, sport, parks, culture, environment, and education.

Why Give to Us?

If you are community-minded, the Foundation is an ideal vehicle for your charitable giving. The Foundation directs its donations to the ongoing support and development via its Grant Program of local and province-wide initiatives, relative to parks, recreation, arts and culture, health, education and the environment.

Donations made are:
Flexible: You can contribute to the Foundation and let us determine where to allocate your funds, or you can designate the area of interest you’d like your donation to help.
Hassle-free It’s very simple to give. Just go directly to our How to Give section.

Donations allow you to maximize your tax benefits, offer you the flexibility to contribute in a number of different ways, and give you the opportunity to build a legacy for the future.

How to Donate

If you are interested in supporting a lasting legacy and would like to contribute to The Recreation Foundation of British Columbia, you can do so through a one-time or multi-year gift, which can be made directly to the Foundation at any time during the year, and/or through a United Way donation. The Foundation also has donation opportunities through Charitable. Bequests and Gifts of Life Insurance.

The Foundation makes it easy to manage your philanthropy and make a difference in the ways that matter to you the most. Your gift is as individual as you are, and reflects your values and aspirations. If you wish, our professional staff will work with you to identify one or more areas of potential giving.

Making a donation is easy. If you’d like to donate on-line, please click on “Donate Now” button below.

For additional information, please contact the Foundation at:

We Sincerely Appreciate Your Support.
The Foundation appreciates the support and generosity of its donors in achieving our purpose. Donors receive a charitable receipt once the donation has been processed.

Donation Opportunities

The Foundation currently offers the following ways for you to be involved through donations.

United Way: The Foundation is a designated charity and receives donor directed gifts through the United Way. Your consideration of the Foundation when pledging donations during the annual United Way campaign is sincerely appreciated.

Direct Donations to the Foundation: A gift of cash is a straightforward way to support the Foundation. Gifts of this type include personal cheques, money orders or credit card payments, each of which can be sent directly to the Foundation.

Donate through Charitable Bequests: The bequest program is designed to accommodate a donor’s wishes today, without relinquishing needed assets during his or her lifetime.

Donors should determine the best method of payment in consultation with their legal or tax counsel.