Gold Sponsor Category


The Criteria listed below, are meant to be used as guidelines to provide some consistency and fairness within and between each sponsor category.  Actual sponsorship agreements can be customized to meet sponsors needs as long as the base criteria/incentives are maintained.


• The Foundation will have a maximum of four Gold Sponsors at a cost of $8,000 per year.  The Gold category will not have more than two sponsors from a similar business category.
• Priority Sponsorship of one activity at the RecreOPEN Golf Tournament and at the Harrison Administrators Workshop (selected after Platinum sponsors – see attachment for opportunities.)
• Contribute towards the Foundation’s Live Auction at the RecreOPEN and Harrison Administrators Workshop – minimum value of Auction prize $400.00.
• As the Foundation develops additional events, sponsors will be given the opportunity, at no cost, to participate in those events.

Sponsorship Incentives

• The sponsor will have a link from the Foundation’s web page to the sponsor’s web page
• Be listed as a Gold sponsor at all Foundation activities/events, including the Harrison Administrators Workshop and the RecreOPEN Golf Tournament
• Company’s logo will be featured on the Foundation website and event materials
• Registration of four golfers with Super Tickets at the RecreOPEN Golf Tournament – value of $960.00*
• Registration of two participants, including two rooms in the west tower, at the Harrison Administrators Workshop – value of $1370.00*
• Access to the list of participants at the Harrison Administrators Workshop
•Inclusion of a two-page company summary in the Harrison Administrators Workshop program package
• A three (3) year sponsorship agreement commitment receives a 10% annual discount for a total savings of $2400.00 over 3 years, or a two (2) year agreement commitment receiving a 5% annual discount for a total savings of $800.00 over 2 years

Sponsorship Costs

The annual cost of the Gold Sponsor is $8,000 to be made in two payments payable in January and September of each year (not including any incentive discounts).