Harrison Administrators Workshop

The program for the Harrison Workshop is primarily designed for Senior Parks, Recreation and Culture professionals in the field.

The issues we discuss at Harrison are aimed both at the Parks, Culture and Recreation field and at the broader area of government administration, as well as our private partners, educational partners and aligned disciplines.

Each of our annual Harrison workshops is a little different in design and in topic, but the essence of Harrison stays the same: current issues, reviewed by expert colleagues with lots of time for questions, discussion, debate and networking. There is plenty of room for you to bring along a Planner, Engineer or City Administrator.

We also want to continue to build on our Harrison devotees, and would encourage you to bring one of your staff who might be expected to step into a senior role in the next few years. The next generation is a crucial part of our planning as well as yours.

If you wish more information on the Harrison Workshop, or want to be a sponsor, please send an email to: info@recreationfoundationbc.ca.


2022 Sessions

Session 1: Sponsored by DB Perks & Associates

Staff shortages, Recruitment & Retention Challenges - the impact it is having on our service and what we can do about it.

Recreation service has certainly not been immune to the staff shortages plaguing the service industry in BC and Canada. What are the root causes of these issues in our service sector (such as wages for auxiliary work, expense and time commitment for lifeguards to become and stay certified, traditional hiring practices that don’t support diversity, etc.)? What solutions are possible that can be employed to recruit and retain enough qualified staff to sustain current service levels and to meet the recovery challenges we will face.

A panel of industry experts will tackle these questions and a Q&A will follow.

Facilitator: Dan Nielsen

Moderator: Heather Turner

Session 2: Sponsored by HCMA

Leisure Behaviour Change – how will COVID affect the way people use our facilities.

COVID-19 has disrupted leisure behaviour Big Time. While the use of parks has increased dramatically, use of our expensive indoor infrastructure has plummeted. The general population is now more sedentary than ever. And, they have invested heavily in their own personal, home based leisure activities. In a post COVID reality (whenever that might be) how likely is it that everyone will go back to the behaviours they exhibited before this shift? And, do we even want that? This session will explore the answers to such questions as: How hard is it to change the behaviour of a large group of people? If you can change it, how enduring/sustainable is the change? Are carrots or sticks more successful in shifting behaviour?

Our panel will include an expert in the science of behaviour change and a representative from a related field that has similar challenges. And, Brian Johnston will attempt to tie what we learn back to our field.

Facilitator: Brian Johnston

Moderator: Lori Bowie