Exciting New Project!

Oral History Project of the Parks, Culture and Recreation in BC

The Recreation Foundation of BC and the BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) will partner to develop an Oral History Project of the Parks, Culture and Recreation in BC.

This project would identify and interview individuals who were instrumental in establishing the foundation of Parks, Culture and Recreation in BC so that the historical perspective can be documented first hand. This information will be documented by audio or video and preserved for the current and future leaders. Additionally, it would be determined if there are any significant photographs that portray the early years of the BCRPA and Parks, Culture and Recreation in BC.

A Project Committee comprised of one representative from the Recreation Foundation of BC, one from BCRPA, one from the ‘pioneer’ group and one technical advisor will be established. This Project Committee will approve the scope of work to share with/discuss potential involvement of partners (BCRPA/RFABC) to determine their role, and from there, jointly move forward to carry out the project. It is anticipated that the contractor would be a trained Oral History Researcher. The Project Committee would manage the financial aspects of the project. The contractor(s) hired to complete the project would report to the Project Committee.

This project is funded by the Recreation Foundation of BC. The Board of the Recreation Foundation of BC approved a maximum budget of $8,000 at its April 6, 2016 meeting. The funding for this project will accommodate approximately five (5) or six (6) interviews; this will be considered Phase One. If additional people are identified, additional funding could be sought through sponsorship and additional phases could be added.

Once the project is complete, the Project Committee, the BCRPA will house the information so that it is available and accessible to future Parks, Culture and Recreation leaders and educators in BC.