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Oral History Project

The History of Recreation in BC and the Role of the BCRPA

Want to learn more about the Recreation Foundation of BC, the BCRPA, and the growth of the recreation sector in BC? Read about the complete history of BC recreation and the role of the BCRPA through our extensive oral history project!

This oral history project was initiated by the RFBC with the purpose of sharing and celebrating the pivotal role of British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) in the growth and development of recreation in British Columbia. This story is shared through oral histories that utilize the lived experience of a small number of pioneers in the recreation and parks sector. This story highlights key milestones in the sector from interviews, BCRPA meeting minutes, website documents, archives compiled in the late 1970s, and information compiled in a PhD thesis from 1979 to provide a detailed look into the history of recreation in BC.