Our History

The Foundation was originally established in the 1980s, and its initial purpose was to receive, invest and administer bequests, endowments, trusts and other financial programs, the purpose of which were to fund the activities of the BC Recreation and Parks Association.

In 2007, the Foundation changed its name from the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Foundation to The Recreation Foundation of British Columbia, and developed a new and broader purpose, with the encouragement of the BCRPA, which allows it to raise funds for the Association, as well as other non-profit organizations involved in the delivery of services in the broad field of parks, recreation and culture.
For several years, Foundation volunteers participated in a number of activities that generated over $130,000 for BCRPA initiatives.

Other programs – including an annual golf tournament, live and silent auction, and a networking opportunity for Parks and Recreation Administrators were also developed – and in 1999, the Foundation established an endowment fund that now exceeds over $500,000 and is intended to further support the BCRPA.
You may support the Foundation by making a donation through the United Way, The Vancouver Foundation or by contacting the Recreation Foundation directly.


The purpose of the Foundation is to advance parks, recreation and culture, health and the environment in British Columbia; and to fund the activities of not-for-profit volunteer and educational organizations in British Columbia which implement programs and services consistent with the aforementioned purpose, including the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association.

Strategic Result Areas

Fund Raising
To develop and implement fund raising initiatives, and to receive, invest and administer bequests, endowments, trusts and other financial programs and investments which are consistent with the purpose of the Foundation.

Investment and Disbursement
To establish investment strategies and practices that will enable the Foundation to provide financial support to not-for-profit organizations as outlined in the Foundation’s purpose.

Communication and Profile
To develop consistent and timely communication materials and information to ensure appropriate knowledge and awareness of the Foundation among parks and recreation practitioners and volunteers, as well as the general public, not-for-profit organizations, elected officials and others.

Governance and Operations
To ensure that there are a sufficient number of Board members to carry out the work of the Foundation, and to ensure that Board members are comfortable with their roles and responsibilities